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Advertising with The Weekly Press Online is a great way to tell the world who you are. You have the chance to reach thousands of enthusiasts, magazine readers and Web “surfers” around the world. With TWP's Online's advertising opportunities, your ads will be seen by more people than ever before! Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Reserve your spots today!
Four sizes: Banner, Half Banner & Button Ads

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Want your ad to be the first ad everyone sees? Advertise on the home page for an additional $35 on the cost of your ad!

“Camera-Ready” Ads
Receive a 10% discount! These ads must be 72 ppi and e-mailed to: as either a jpg or gif. 

Incentive for six-time or 12-time Advertisers
If you sign on for a six-time or 12-time advertising contract, you will receive a FREE half-banner ad (non-rotating) each month that your ad runs in The Weekly Press. The same incentive applies for those who renew their six-time or 12-time contracts. This incentive plan only applies for 1/4 page display ads and larger.

*These are monthly rates. Ads will be featured on TWP for an entire month 

If you sign on for a six-time or 12-time advertising contract, you will receive a FREE half banner ad (non rotating) and a 1/4 page display ad in the Weekly Press newspaper. 

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Half-Banner Ad 
(180 x 54 pixels): 
Non-Rotating: $65/month
Banner Ad (380 x 54 pixels): 
Non-Rotating: $75/month
Button Ad
(86 x 54 pixels): 
Non-Rotating: $55/month
(225) 356-1558
Banner Ad (582 x 79 pixels): Non-Rotating: $100/month
Varies up to 750 x 79 at the same rate!
Computers4SURE ( - An Office Depot Co.)
1283 Rosenwald Road  |  Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70807 |